Boxoffice Giants of Exhibition 2016: #13 – #18

This year’s Global Giants of Exhibition ranking celebrates the progressive restructuring of the global exhibition landscape by acknowledging all of the companies paving the way for the reinvention of the cinema experience. 

Here is a look at the Global Giants of Exhibition Rankings #13 -#18:

Global Giants of Exhibition

#13 – Cineworld

United Kingdom (International)

Founded in 1995, Cineworld has grown to be a major global player with more than 2,000 screens in the UK & Ireland and a slew of other international markets. Cineworld has a presence in Poland, Israel, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia, where it has worked to bring in a modern multiplex concept since its entry to market.

#14 – Vue Cinemas

United Kingdom & Ireland (Domestic)

If growth continues, Vue Cinemas is on pace to become the next circuit outside of China to reach the 2,000 screen milestone. Vue has done exceptionally well specializing in event cinema, particularly with its recent investment in developing e-sports to draw in younger audiences.

#15 – Cineplex Entertainment

Canada (Domestic)

The Canadian exhibition leader is perhaps one of the most innovative circuits in the world today. Early pioneers of new cinema technology and ticketing strategies, most notably the Super Ticket format, Cineplex has expanded its footprint to over 1,600 screens in Canada alone.

#16 – Shanghai United Circuit

China (Domestic)

Big screens are big in China. Shanghai United Circuit has found success with IMAX in its home market, as audiences have responded favorably to the 16 IMAX screens its operates across its 230 locations. Shanghai United Circuit will add five more IMAX screens to its circuit this year, which currently boasts a total of 1,614 screens.

#17 – Guangzhou JinYi Zhujiang Movie Circuit

China (Domestic)

China’s rapidly expanding exhibition market lists Guangzhou JinYi as one of its success stories. The circuit operates over 100 locations in its home market with over 1,500 screens.

#18 – HG Entertainment

China (Domestic)

HG Entertainment is one of the fastest growing exhibition circuits in the world, already present in over 100 cities in China with approximately 1,379 screens. HG is stepping up its investment in cinema technology, recently signing an agreement with Barco to furnish part of its circuit with laser projection.

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