CES+ Announces Strategic Partnership with Lady Lee Coportation’s New Venture, Megacinemas

Megacinemas, Honduras. Image courtesy: CES+

CES+ announced a partnership with Corporación Lady Lee for their new venture, Megacinemas, signifying the successful introduction of Lady Lee’s new brand into the Central American cinema scene.

CES+ has been integral to the development of Megacinemas, providing end-to-end digital cinema solutions. The first-of-its-kind content programming service from CES+ enables cinema chains to work directly with local distributors, facilitating everything from film programming to the actual film booking on each auditorium.

“Megacinemas is a brand new addition to Corporación Lady Lee’s successful portfolio in 2023,” Carlos Paz, Franchise Division Director for Megacinemas, said in a press release. “Our objective is to expand throughout Honduras, thereby contributing to the socioeconomic development of the country. Partnering with CES+ helps us to achieve that vision.”

“CES+ has always aimed to revolutionize the cinema experience,” Alex Younger, CEO of CES+, added in the same press release. “Our partnership with Megacinemas reaffirms our commitment to innovative solutions. It’s a great step forward in bringing high-quality cinema to more people, and we’re excited to support Megacinemas as they grow and thrive.”

Megacinemas, Honduras. Image courtesy: CES+

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