Christie appoints Koji Naito as Chairman and CEO

Koji Naito, Courtesy of Christie

Christie and parent company Ushio Inc. have announced the appointment of Koji Naito as the new chairman and chief executive officer of Christie Digital Systems, globally.

Koji currently holds the position of president and chief executive officer for Japan’s Ushio Inc., and effective April 1st, will oversee both companies. Koji succeeds Hideaki Onishi, who will transition into a new role as Christie’s president and chief operating officer. In addition, Atsushi Kuroda, formerly of Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd and currently senior director of Christie’s strategy office, has been appointed Christie’s chief technology officer and chief strategy officer, succeeding Zoran Veselic, president and chief technology officer.

Having held positions at Ushio for nearly four decades, Koji brings leadership, industry-wide experience, and credibility to Christie. As a business leader, Koji is inspired to align Ushio and Christie’s management, business strategies, and philosophies to drive success. He places significant emphasis on understanding customers’ needs and taking further action to achieve global sustainability practices, as well as supporting the company’s mission to promote the use of light as illumination and energy to support human well-being and societal growth.

“Constant innovation and deep core values, while making a difference in the communities we serve, are paramount to Ushio’s vision to a sustainable future for everyone,” says Koji Naito. “I am pleased and honored to lead Christie into the future with a strong executive management team who shares Ushio’s mission and vision.”

Koji Naito, Courtesy of Christie

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