CIELO Launches Programmatic  Solution for Cinema Ad Sales

CIELO, which provides cinema device monitoring and data analytics, introduces the latest addition to its AD 360 product lineup: a programmatic advertising solution poised to significantly expand cinema advertising.

With the integration of programmatic technology into CIELO AD 360 products, cinema operators and advertising partners now have the  capability to extend their ad acceptance window, maximizing revenue potential by selling ad space right up to the showtime. Advertising marketplaces have been fully utilized globally by other Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) venues such as billboards and digital signage; however, leveraging these well-established marketplaces via programmatic technology is an innovative feature for cinemas. CIELO AD 360 not only optimizes the utilization of unsold advertising slots during pre-shows but also offers the flexibility to adapt ad content dynamically in response to changing circumstances.

“We’ve reached a significant industry milestone with our end-to-end programmatic solution, seamlessly fulfilling ad space on every screen while exceeding the stringent demands of advertising marketplaces. Our solution delivers near real-time ad serving and instantaneous proof of performance, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in cinema advertising,” said Rafael Garzon, VP of Customer Growth at CIELO.

Incorporating programmatic capabilities enables cinema operators and advertising partners to tap into well-established and mature digital advertising marketplaces, ensuring they secure the most relevant and timely ad placements for their available screen time. CIELO’s programmatic advertising solution is already deployed in live theater production environments and gearing up for customer pilots and deployments in 2024.

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