The Cinema Foundation Launches Industry Promotions Fund with Donation from Angel Studios

The Cinema Foundation announced Monday that Angel Studios — the distributor behind Sound of Freedom and upcoming theatrical titles like After Death, The Shift, and Cabrini — has made a significant donation to The Cinema Foundation’s newly-formed Industry Promotions Fund. The announcement was made today at ShowEast, the annual exhibition industry convention that takes place in Miami, Florida.

The Cinema Foundation’s Industry Promotions Fund was developed to work with all studios and exhibitors to help advance the future of the moviegoing experience, create dynamic employment opportunities for the industry’s future workforce, and develop programs that ensure a healthy exhibition industry across North America.

Among its many projects, The Cinema Foundation hosts National Cinema Day, with discounted movie tickets and concession promotions at participating venues across North America. This year’s event, held on August 27 at more than 3,000 locations with more than 30,000 screens across the country, delivered $34 million to the box office and nearly 8.5 million attendees, a 5% increase over the prior year.

“We are thrilled to support The Cinema Foundation’s Industry Promotions Fund to help drive more people to movie theaters,” Brandon Purdie, EVP and Global Head of Theatrical Distribution for Angel Studios, said in a press release. “Films need to be seen in the theater, where we can set aside distractions and truly be absorbed in a story.”

“We couldn’t effectively bring impactful theatrical experiences that amplify light to audiences without NATO and its Cinema Foundation,” Purdie continued. “They have been steadfast in supporting theaters around the globe in ways that directly impact our efficiency and efforts as a studio and distributor, and Angel is happy to help support their work in a small way.”

“We are grateful for the support of Angel Studios with their significant donation and for their help in making National Cinema Day a rousing success,” The Cinema Foundation Executive Director Bryan Braunlich added in the same press release. “We look forward to working with all studios, exhibitors, partners and the creative community in building our Industry Promotions Fund to continue to build our industry and bring together film fans to enjoy movies on the big screen.”

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