CinemaCon 2017 Studio Presentations: SONY

Day One of CinemaCon 2017 was off to a fast start when director Edgar Wright and actors Ansel Elgort and Jon Hamm took the stage to present a high-octane first look at a car chase scene from Baby Driver. Wright, a self-professed cinema buff, cited the theatrical experience to design the film to be “large and loud.” Pitching the film to his producer, Wright called Baby Driver “a car movie driven by music,” as the early footage showed in its reliance on a heart-thumping soundtrack.

“I now know car chases are as arduous to film as they are fun to watch,” he mentioned. Wright opted for practical effects for the film’s car chase sequences, avoiding CGI wherever possible.”There’s not a lot of acting when you see me in the back seat, terrified and visibly sweating,” shared Jon Hamm. “Everything we shot is real and it’s up there.”

Sony’s presentation showcased various films in its upcoming slate, including an effects-heavy and action-packed look at Dark Tower, the debut of the second Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer (which featured a lot more footage of ally Iron Man and villain The Vulture), and a preview of upcoming titles from Sony Pictures Animation.

The stand-out moment occurred when Sony Pictures chairman took the stage by asking the audience a simple question, Where were you on June 5, 1982? That’s when he first saw Blade Runner, sitting in a New York City theater, the executive described the experience succinctly, “the technical term: ‘cool as shit’.”

Rothman welcomed Ryan Gosling to the stage, star of the hotly-anticipated sequel Blade Runner 2049, which Sony will be distributing internationally. Gosling explained his own excitement about the film’s visual flare before unveiling never-before-seen footage to the audience. It stole the show at Sony’s presentation. Director Denis Villeneuve’s style seems to have blended in seamlessly with Ridley Scott’s aesthetic, giving the film a visual link to its predecessor. Rothman also emphasized the strength of the screenplay, calling it “A script that expands the mythology and expands the story.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson closed Sony’s presentation by introducing the first look at Jumanji. The footage revealed several key points of the film, which is gearing to be an enticing cross-quadrant option for the Holiday season.

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