CinemaNext and French Cinema Circuit Megarama Announce Agreement for 110+ Barco Laser Projectors


Paris, France – July 1, 2019: CinemaNext, European specialist in cinema exhibitor services, and French cinema circuit Megarama today announced a large-scale agreement for the sale and installation of a minimum of 110 Barco Laser projectors at 15 of the circuit’s current sites and upcoming new cinema builds through 2021. Per the agreement, CinemaNext will oversee the replacement of Series 1 digital projectors in all Megarama-branded cinemas located in France, Spain and Morocco.

Celebrating the signing: Olivier Douet (CinemaNext), Mrs. Lemoine, Jean-Pierre Lemoine (Megarama), Jean Mizrahi (Ymagis), Joseph Vacrin (Megarama) and Serge Plasch (Cinionic/Barco)

“We’ve enjoyed a lengthy partnership with CinemaNext and are very excited to be undertaking this important renewal project with their skilled teams,” stated Jean-Pierre Lemoine, president and CEO of Megarama Group. “As we continue to invest in the modernization of our cinema equipment, we will roll out over 110 Barco Laser projectors over the next two years. At a time when moviegoers are increasingly discerning, it is part of our strategy to further elevate the image quality in our cinemas to provide our audiences with the best moviegoing experience.”

Georges Garic, senior VP of CinemaNext, said, “Over the years, we have witnessed the fast-growing success of Megarama, which is now a prominent EMEA cinema exhibitor—the fifth-largest operator in France and the first in Morocco in terms of ticket sales. It’s a great honor for us to work with Jean-Pierre Lemoine and his chief operating officer, Joseph Vacrin, on modernizing their facilities to offer consumers a premium experience and significantly lower operating costs. This deal,which consists primarily of equipment distribution, installation and maintenance, represents anticipated revenues for CinemaNext of over 10 million euros over the next two years.”

“We are thrilled to be working with our longtime cinema partner Megarama on the deployment of next-generation digital projection technology,” said Olivier Douet, CinemaNext sales director (France) and country manager for Switzerland. “With many Series 1 projectors nearing the end of their expected lifetimes, this provides a tremendous opportunity for exhibitors to enhance their offer with visually spectacular screenings while moving toward more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly operations.”

“This long-term agreement clearly shows Megarama’s confidence in Barco Laser,” observed Serge Plasch, chief commercial officer at Cinionic, the Barco, CGS, and ALPD cinema joint venture. “Besides the installation of our current Smart Laser projector range, Megarama will also be an early adopter of our brand-new Barco Series 4 platform. We’re delighted that our future-proof technology plays a key role in this leading exhibitor’s growth strategy.”

With offices in 27 countries and over 13,000 screens installed globally to date, CinemaNext is the largest cinema exhibition services company in EMEA.

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