CinemaNext France and Greta & Starks Apps GmbH Forge Accessibility Partnership

Courtesy of CinemaNext

CinemaNext France has announced a strategic collaboration with Greta & Starks Apps GmbH, a pioneer in solutions for hearing and vision impaired moviegoers. Greta & Starks Apps GmbH has garnered acclaim for its innovative mobile application, enabling seamless access to audio descriptions and subtitles for the hearing and vision impaired. In addition, the application offers multilingual support, broadening the horizons of cinematic experiences.

CinemaNext France is ideally positioned to facilitate the integration of Greta’s groundbreaking technology into the French cinema landscape. The collaboration will empower cinema exhibitors to play an active role in the accessibility framework, ensuring an enriching cinematic experience for everyone. Under the terms of the agreement, CinemaNext France will spearhead marketing efforts to introduce and promote Greta’s services to French cinema exhibitors. Greta & Starks Apps GmbH commits to exclusive distribution of its services to French cinema exhibitors through CinemaNext France.

“This partnership signifies a major leap forward in making cinema more inclusive and accessible to all audiences,” said Mirko Heukemes, the country manager of French-speaking Europe for CinemaNext. “We are proud to join forces with Greta & Starks Apps GmbH to bring these revolutionary solutions to the French cinema market.”

Seneit Debese, the chief executive officer and founder of Greta & Starks Apps GmbH, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our mission has always been to break down barriers and create an inclusive cinema environment. Collaborating with CinemaNext France is a major step towards achieving this goal. Together, we will set new standards for accessibility in the cinematic world.”

Courtesy of CinemaNext

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