Cinemeccanica Debuts ESPARENA, the First Cinema Gaming Platform


ESPARENA will debut on April 2 at Movie Planet Cinema in San Giuliano Milanese in Milan, Italy, where “League of Legends” will host two professional teams of gamers and guest stars from the gamer community.

In this setup, gamers can play and face their opponents, share their excitement on the big screen, or simply watch gaming competitions live.

ESPARENA allows a quick transition from a standard cinema theatre to an e-sports arena, to open the cinema to new audiences and increase revenues thanks to video game competitions.

The official website is

Cinemeccanica is one of the world’s pioneers in the production of Cinema equipment. The company based its own tradition on a long series of worldwide success. Leader in developing cinema technology, like projectors and sound equipment, Cinemeccanica is present in 90 countries.

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