Cinionic Debuts New Cinema Screen Designed for Laser-Powered Theaters

Cinionic has announced the debut of its new cinema screen designed for laser-powered auditoriums. The Cinionic Laser Screen 2.4 amplifies the power of laser projection through optimized efficiency and enhanced on screen presentation. Designed to be the ideal companion for Laser by Cinionic, the new screen is the first screen entry in Cinionic’s all-laser solution portfolio.

Cinionic Laser Screen 2.4 is composed of a white-appearing silver material so it excels in both 2D and 3D movie presentation when combined with laser projection. The purpose-built screen features a 2.4 gain that facilitates even light distribution for a sharp, unified image that delivers a consistent viewing experience.

Paired with Laser by Cinionic, Cinionic Laser Screen 2.4 is part of an integrated laser solution that optimizes efficiency due to the lower energy consumption required for achieving the same, or better, image quality of a larger projector. This can allow for a smaller projector specification and lower power setting, while extending the lifetime of the combined tech stack.

Cinionic Laser Screen 2.4 is now available in the U.S. and Mexico, with a global rollout planned over the next few months. AMC Theatres is set to be the first exhibitor to receive the new screens, with nearly two dozen installs planned this year.

Since the introduction of theatrical laser projection, Cinionic has deployed over 35,000 laser solutions. Together with Barco, Cinionic continues to introduce new innovations focused on a sustainable future.

“Laser is the standard for theatrical projection today,” said Wim Buyens, the chief executive officer of Cinionic. “Cinionic is dedicated to cinema and passionate about ensuring the highest quality presentation from booth to screen. With Barco Series 4, we have the leading family of laser projectors. Now with the Cinionic Laser Screen 2.4, we enable exhibitors to get even more from laser. When you match the best projector with the right screen, the results are stunning.”

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