CJ 4DPLEX and B&B Theatres Extend Partnership to Add ScreenX Locations Across the U.S.

CJ 4DPLEX and B&B Theatres sign agreement for five additional ScreenX systems

CJ 4DPLEX and B&B Theatres have announced the opening and development of several new ScreenX theaters located in B&B multiplexes across the U.S. The new openings will result in a total of eight ScreenX auditoriums in B&B multiplexes by 2023. B&B Theatres began the rollout of new ScreenX theaters in early April with Athens, Georgia and will open a new ScreenX auditorium at their Mall of America location in Bloomington, Minnesota in May.

Additional ScreenX locations in development, which will be located in B&B’s premium large format auditoriums, including:

  • B&B Theatres in Omaha, Nebraska
  • B&B Theatres in Wesley Chapel, Florida
  • B&B Theatres in Red Oak, Texas

Currently B&B Theatres has ScreenX locations in Liberty, Missouri, Overland Park, Kansas and Ridgeland, Mississippi.

“B&B Theatres are great partners who have committed their largest premium large format auditorium with luxury recliners to create the most immersive and differentiated experience available today in cinema,” said Don Savant, president and chief operating officer of CJ4DPLEX America. “We can’t wait for audiences in new cities to see what ScreenX brings when coupled with an amazing slate of upcoming ScreenX films.”

“We’re excited to extend our partnership with CJ 4DPLEX and continue the successful introduction of ScreenX to our audiences,” said Brock Bagby, executive vice president of B&B Theatres. “We are continuing to innovate the way people experience movies and look forward to expanding our work with CJ4DPLEX for years to come.”

CJ 4DPLEX and B&B Theatres sign agreement for five additional ScreenX systems