CJ 4DPLEX and Cinema Plus Sign ScreenX Deal

Courtesy of CJ 4DPLEX, L to R - Zaur Darabzadeh, JongRyul Kim, Murat Camci

CJ 4DPLEX and Cinema Plus announced at the META Cinema Forum in Dubai that the two companies will be opening the first-ever, 270-degree panoramic ScreenX auditorium in Azerbaijan. The ScreenX theater is set to open at 28 Mall in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku. Azerbaijan will be the 43rd country for ScreenX, a technology that expands specially selected sequences of the film onto the left-and-right-side walls of the auditorium.

The signing ceremony was attended by Zaur Darabzadeh, Chairman of Board, Cinema Plus, Murat Camci CEO, Cinema Plus and JongRyul Kim CEO, CJ 4DPLEX. The 28 Mall currently houses six screens within its multiplex and the ScreenX auditorium is set to open this December in time for  Warner Bros. Pictures’ Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. CJ 4DPLEX and Cinema Plus previously opened the first 4DX multi-sensory auditorium in Azerbaijan in 2021 at Cinema Plus’s Daniz Mall in Baku.

Jongryul Kim, the chief executive officer of CJ 4DPLEX, stated, “We are delighted to expand our partnership with Cinema Plus by introducing the inaugural ScreenX theater in the beautiful country of Azerbaijan. The 270-degree panoramic viewing technology will redefine the way Cinema Plus’s patrons enjoy movies, offering a level of immersion that’s simply unmatched and can’t be replicated at home.”

“Bringing the future of cinema to our screens has always been our mission, and our partnership with CJ 4DPLEX enables us to do just that,” said Murat Camci, the chief executive officer of Cinema Plus. “Our collaboration with the CJ 4DPLEX team has already brought 4DX to Cinema Plus, and now, with the introduction of the first-ever ScreenX auditorium in Azerbaijan, we continue to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge cinematic experiences to our audiences.”

“We are thrilled to bring the immersive magic of ScreenX to the vibrant city of Baku, Azerbaijan,” added Don Savant, the chief executive officer and president of CJ 4DPLEX America. “With the inauguration of Azerbaijan’s first-ever ScreenX auditorium at 28 Mall, Cinema Plus continues to set new standards in the world of entertainment and be at the forefront of this cinematic revolution.”

Courtesy of CJ 4DPLEX, L to R - Zaur Darabzadeh, JongRyul Kim, Murat Camci
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