CJ 4DPLEX and Cinépolis Extend Their ScreenX Partnership

Premium film format and cinema technology producer CJ 4DPLEX and Cinépolis, the third largest exhibitor in the world and the number one in tickets sold per theater, announced today at CinemaCon that they will be launching four new ScreenX locations—giving audiences a 270-degree panoramic view—in Mexico.

The new ScreenX locations are a complement to Cinépolis’s two existing ScreenX auditoriums in Mexico City, Cinépolis Las Antenas and Cinépolis Toreo, which also showcases the company’s Ultra 4DX format.  The first ScreenX site will be in Morelia and will open this Spring with the additional three ScreenX sites to be announced; they will be in key locations throughout Mexico and are set to open in the near future. 

The addition of the four ScreenX locations has strengthened CJ 4DPLEX’s alliance with Cinépolis, a partnership that has already seen over 50 multi-sensory 4DX auditoriums open throughout Cinépolis’ extensive network in Latin America.

“We’re thrilled to announce the expansion with our partners at Cinépolis, a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled cinematic experiences,” stated Jongryul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “With the introduction of these four new ScreenX locations, we look forward to further enhancing the movie-going journey for audiences throughout Mexico and beyond.” 

“We’re excited to extend our alliance with CJ 4DPLEX, a partnership that has consistently elevated the cinematic experience for our valued patrons, stated Miguel Mier, Chief Operating Officer, Cinépolis.  “Building on the success of our existing ScreenX auditoriums, we eagerly anticipate the launch of these new sites, which will undoubtedly captivate moviegoers and provide an unforgettable premium experience for the Cinépolis moviegoer.”

“At CJ 4DPLEX, we’re dedicated to redefining how audiences experience movies, and our continued partnership with Cinépolis is a testament to that dedication.” stated Don Savant, President & CEO, CJ 4DPLEX America. “With our multi-projection technology that provides a 270-degree panoramic viewing experience, ScreenX truly differentiates from any other entertainment offering available. This expansion also builds upon the success of our existing collaboration with Cinépolis, which has already brought over 50 4DX auditoriums in Latin America.” 

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