Coming Soon: New Trailers for ‘Alien: Covenant,’ ‘John Wick 2,’ and One with a Tub Full of Snakes (or Eels?)

Just as one would expect immediately after Christmas, we have a bunch of scary and suspenseful trailers for you full of aliens, asylums, and adventurers. We also have a couple of comedy trailers because it is all about balance here at BoxOffice Trailer Throw Down!

Alien: Covenant

Robot Michael Fassbender returns, but new exotic worlds, face-hugger eggs, and steamy space shower scenes make this redband trailer feel much more like a direct Alien prequel rather than a Prometheus sequel.

A Cure for Wellness

This trailer makes both wellness centers and Switzerland look absolutely terrifying. Also, I think that’s a tub full of snakes.

Update: One of our readers in the comments section tells us they look like eels. Looking at it again, yeah, they’re probably eels. Still just as scary.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Keanu Reeves marks his return to the role of John Wick and to rave parties in caves…but this time he has guns, a dog, and more guns.

The Lost City of Z

This one is actually based on a true story. People have been trying to find this city for, like, a really long time. Yes, they’ve checked Google Earth. Still can’t find it.

War On Everyone

Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña are buddy cops who play by their own rules. Horses and strip clubs are also involved.

How To Be A Latin Lover

Eugenio Derbez gives the whole Latino trophy husband thing a shot.