COMING SOON: ‘The Space Between Us,’ ‘The Founder,’ ‘Rings,’ ‘Fifty Shades Darker,’ and Some Singing and Dancing

Mars! Hamburgers! Haunted laptops! Sexy elevators! Pianos! All those things coming at you in that order, right here on BoxOffice Trailer Throw Down!


A boy from Mars falls in love with a girl from Earth. Is society ready for such scandal? Will the people of earth allow it?


Michael Keaton wants to create an empire of burgers. Nick Offerman says “no” a lot.


It took 15 years but that VHS tape from The Ring made its way to the internet.

Fifty Shades Darker

It seemed like everyone was just going to have a good time eating dinner, sailing on yachts and riding elevators. No one ever thought the S&M guy would have a dark side.

La La Land

Even though the movie already came out, here is a new trailer full of John Legend. BoxOffice Trailer Throw Down welcomes singing and dancing.

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