COMPESO and Showtime Analytics: Where Experience Meets Modernity


Munich, July 17, 2017

COMPESO, the Munich based company leading the German cinema software market for over 20 years with WinTICKET, one of the leading cinema POS systems, has now partnered with the innovative company Showtime Analytics.

Showtime Analytics is the data analytics Product and Services Company founded in 2015. Ever since Showtime is providing cutting-edge products and services to cinema owners and film distributors. This allows cinema owners and film distributors to collate, analyze and visualize their operational data in real time to deliver insights that drive improved business performance.

The first product from the Showtime platform that customers will have access to is Insights. “Insights” is a cloud-based solution which brings data to life through real-time, user-friendly visual analytics through a standard web browser or mobile device. “Each “Insights” dashboard provides a highly interactive analytics view of key areas of business focus such as Events, Concessions, Distribution Analysis, Occupancy, Retail Trend, Probability Analysis and Real-Time KPI,” said Richie Power, CEO at Showtime Analytics.

COMPESO and Showtime Analytics provide a new integration of their products that allow COMPESO customers to utilize the benefits of Showtime Analytics “insights” software. This integration has WinTICKET as the starring: “WinTICKET collects a huge amount of data that now can be used to gain profitable insights in the cinema exhibitors business by providing these data to the analytics software of Showtime Analytics,” said Michael Halevy, Director Product Design at COMPESO.

The interface that exchanges all transactions with product and ticket details so that “insights” can analyze the cinema exhibitors’ data in depth will be available within the next weeks and a number of other data related offerings will be released from Showtime within the coming months.

Benefiting from these mutual efforts to improve the customer experience is pretty easy:

Since Showtime’s system is cloud based and can be accessed from any web browser via any device, you just need the current version of COMPESO WinTICKET.

We can expect much more coming out of this joint collaboration of experience and know-how, as the integration of Showtime Analytics “engage” software with the powerful promotion engine of WinTICKET to engage with cinema guests in a smart customer journey.

Exhibitors, get ready! This partnership has huge potential to bring value to Cinema Exhibitors across Europe, given the large client footprint that COMPESO has across the European continent and the complementary nature of Showtime products to COMPESO’s.

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