Creative Studio Powster and RealD, The World Leader in 3D,Partner for CineEurope Virtual Reality Promotion


[Los Angeles & Barcelona; June 14, 2017] – RealD Inc., the world’s largest 3D cinema platform and visual technology company, and POWSTER, a leading creative studio helping to connect movie studios and moviegoers, have teamed up to provide a virtual reality promotion for this year’s CineEurope, taking place in Barcelona, Spain from June 19-22. POWSTER, located in London and Los Angeles, is a VISTA Group International company (NZX & ASX: VGL).

Upon registration, each CineEurope delegate will receive a packet that includes the world’s first RealD-designed VR glasses to be used with POWSTER’s new website, which allows attendees to experience the CineEurope conference in a virtual reality cinema.

The CineEurope experience begins with 3D clips of invitations to official movie studio slate presentations, panel sessions and other important conference events.  Attendees also can access an advanced experience of the regular website, which allows the user to watch trailers for movies at nearby cinemas in 3D, making the decision to attend a film quick and easy.

“REALD is the industry’s largest visual technology company and we have been at the forefront of embracing and introducing consumers to the next generation of enhanced entertainment experiences,” said Travis Reid, President of Worldwide Cinema and Chief Operating Officer for RealD.   “We believe VR is the next frontier for truly immersive 3D and this unique promotion with POWSTER builds on our company’s heritage and mission towards delivering 3D to literally every screen imaginable.”

“POWSTER is excited to bring 3D virtual reality trailers to online audiences, helping drive our mission of getting more people into the cinema,” says POWSTER CEO Ste Thompson.  “And we’re thrilled to launch our app with RealD and CineEurope. reduces the effort required to find what you want to see at the cinema, resulting in more cinema admissions. It connects the dots between a consumer and a ticket sale while providing entertaining content in an accessible and exciting fashion. That serves all sides of the cinema equation and we’re excited to be working with RealD to bring CineEurope attendees a pocket-sized device for watching 3D trailers.”

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