DCDC Announces Record-Breaking 10th Anniversary Year in 2023

Courtesy of DCDC

The North American theatrical content distribution company DCDC has announced that 2023 was its highest performing year ever with 410,000 feature and event files, representing nearly 100 million gigabytes of data delivered to in-network theaters, which far exceeded pre-pandemic levels from 2019. During their 10th anniversary year, DCDC made up for the reduced number of wide releases in 2023 by increasing delivery of independent film releases by 87%. Their network includes over 3,125 sites representing more than 33,300 screens across the U.S. with more sites scheduled to be installed in 2024.

DCDC also more than doubled the number of event releases in 2023, which included 42 live presentations such as Metallica M72 World Tour, Q&A panels, UFC and AEW events, and College Football Playoffs. DCDC reached a new milestone as their live theatrical footprint surpassed 1,195 sites–an increase of 146% since 2019.

Howard Kiedaisch, the chief executive officer of DCDC, commented, “Being an industry owned coalition, we need to thank all our partners on the content and exhibition side for their support. It is gratifying to help the market by enabling more players in the industry to take advantage of our not-for-profit model. We will continue to expand our services while looking to drive down prices even further.”

Courtesy of DCDC
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