Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) Extends Partnership with Deluxe and EchoStar for Theatrical Distribution Services

The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) announced Friday a continuation of their agreement with Deluxe and Echostar to deliver trailers and other events via satellite to cinemas.

The existing partnership, in effect since 2013, eliminates the need for delivery of physical hard drives and currently services more than 30,000 domestic screens. Deluxe handles the content distribution side while EchoStar handles the satellite technology side in their joint partnership.

“Deluxe EchoStar has been DCDC’s primary service provider and vendor since 2013, thus an important contributor to the success of DCDC in providing a secure, reliable, and cost-effective mechanism for the delivery of theatrical content to exhibitors,” DCDC’s CEO Randy Blotky said in a press release.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Deluxe EchoStar to ensure the reliability and sustainability of our current geosynchronous satellite delivery solution,” Blotky continued, “while DCDC seeks to continue to find ways for practical and economical augmentations of the DCDC Network that will further benefit the entire industry.”