Deluxe Launches New Digital Cinema Portal, Content & Key Manager



LOS ANGELESAug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. (Deluxe) today announced the launch of the Content & Key Manager, to replace their existing Cinema Portal platform. The Content & Key Manager has been integrated as a service within Deluxe One – the company’s flagship cloud-based platform that unifies each stage of the content supply chain, creating an end-to-end ability to manage assets and requirements from creation to delivery. Designed to provide major circuits, independent exhibitors, and studios with greater visibility across the Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema (DTDC) theatrical supply chain, the Content & Key Manager simplifies day-to-day management of operations at a time when the release cycle is becoming increasingly complex.

Deluxe’s robust Digital Cinema capability and global distribution network are trusted by leading content owners and filmmakers worldwide to ensure theatrical content is available where and when it is needed, while providing industry-leading service and security capabilities. The integration of the Content & Key Manager into Deluxe One is the first step in building out the full suite of Deluxe’s Digital Cinema products within the platform.

The Content & Key Manager centralizes vital information in one convenient location, providing better visibility across individual screens and overall operations. The self-servicing, intuitive platform provides on-demand access to track DTDC content shipments, download active keys, highlight essential feature and projectionist data, and get help – fast. The addition of a new mobile-first experience further extends access to this information in realtime, eliminating the need for calls and emails to address the most common issues and questions.

“Managing a multitude of file specifications, keys and delivery windows takes more time and resources and can hinder visibility across delivery operations,” said Debbie Mann, SVP, North America Operations, DTDC.  “The online Content & Key Manager, accessible via the Deluxe One platform, categorizes and organizes all of the Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema data into a single repository, so exhibitors and content owners have visibility and real-time access to the information they need to ensure correct playback each and every time.”

The Content & Key Manager is one of Deluxe’s globally scaled, end-to-end solutions designed to simplify content delivery – in any format – to any window, screen or destination. With more experience and expertise delivering premium digital content than any other company, digital cinema services are just one of the technology solutions Deluxe is developing to meet the needs of the ever-evolving digital supply chain.

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