Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) Announces Lower Pricing Starting January 1

Image Courtesy of Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition

The Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC), a cinema satellite delivery network formed by a collection of studios and exhibitors to provide digital delivery services to theaters, has announced that it will be reducing prices and lowering minimum commitments on many of its services effective January 1, 2022. Pricing reductions will affect feature film, live, and event delivery for both the exhibitor and content provider communities. 

Since its creation in 2013, DCDC has proven instrumental in the theatrical industry’s transition from physical hard drives to encrypted digital files delivered via satellite. Since 2013, the DCDC Network has successfully delivered millions of feature films, events, trailers, and special content to theaters across the country. They currently serve over 420 exhibitors and more than 55 content providers, with over 3,000 sites and 33,100 screens in the United States.

Says Howard Kiedaisch, CEO of DCDC: “As the industry regains strength stepping out of the pandemic, we are proud to do our small part to help reduce costs for all parties. Being an industry-owned entity, we are in the unique position of being able to support both exhibitors and distributors rather than focusing on our own profit motives.  This is just one step in our planned improvements to help theatrical exhibitors and distributors going forward.”

“During the pandemic it really came to light how much easier and more reliable DCDC’s delivery is compared with physical hard drives,” adds SVP Operations Darla Guenther. “We keep hearing from theaters signing with DCDC how stressful it has been waiting for hard drives to arrive due to shipping delays. Once theaters start receiving content via DCDC, that constant worry is gone and distributors also have the peace of mind that their content will get to theaters in plenty of time.” 

Image Courtesy of Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition

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