Digital Light Sources Supplies UVC Disinfection Technology to Kenya’s Nyali Cinemax Theater

Image provided by DLS

Digital Light Sources (DLS), a California-based company that specializes in lighting solutions for cinemas and other entertainment venues, has brought UVC disinfection equipment to Millennium Cinemas’ Nyali Cinemax, an entertainment complex located in Mombasa, Kenya.

The equipment, supplied by DLS and made by American Ultraviolet, provides “a safe solution for disinfecting the air stream circulating in our auditoriums,” says Shitul Sachania, head of operations at Millennium Cinemas Ltd./Nyali Cinemax—with the end benefit of improving both indoor air quality and costumer confidence. “Nyali Cinemax is pleased to take this step to help our cinema win back customer confidence and welcome back our audiences in a safe and secure environment.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Nyali Cinemax on this important project,” adds DLS President Sami Haddad, noting that “world-class air and surface disinfection solutions can provide cinema exhibitors with sustainable and proactive measures [allowing] for a safe and enjoyable movie experience.”

Image provided by DLS

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