Disney Schedule Switch-Up: New CAPTAIN AMERICA, BLADE, THUNDERBOLTS Pushed to 2025, Leaving DEADPOOL 3 the Only Marvel Movie to Hit Cinemas in 2024

Photo courtesy Disney - 20th Century Fox

Disney has made official a long-rumored shake-up of the MCU portion of their release calendar, with several titles from the franchise shifting back—including two MCU films previously scheduled for 2024 release now coming to theaters in 2025.

In addition, Disney’s Mufasa: The Lion King, previously slated for release on June 5, 2025, has been moved to December 20, 2024, into the holiday slot that was previously held by MCU film Thunderbolts, now coming out in 2025. The third Deadpool movie, still without a title, moves from May 2024 back a few months to July 26, 2024, placing it in the thick of the summer movie season.

The officially announced release date changes are as follows:

UNTITLED DEADPOOL MOVIE previously dated on 5/3/24 moves to 7/26/24

MUFASA: THE LION KING previously dated on 7/5/24 moves to 12/20/24

CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD previously dated on 7/26/24 moves to 2/14/25

THUNDERBOLTS previously dated on 12/20/24 moves to 7/25/25

BLADE previously dated on 2/14/25 moves to 11/7/25

UNTITLED DISNEY dated on 7/25/25 is removed from schedule

UNTITLED DISNEY dated on 11/7/25 is removed from schedule

The shift of the three MCU titles—Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts, and Blade—leaves 2024 with no new theatrical entries from the series save (arguably) the third Deadpool, which may or may not officially tie in with the overarching Marvel Comics franchise; the first two Deadpool movies were released by 20th Century Fox prior to their acquisition by Disney. After The Marvels‘ debut this weekend, the next MCU film currently scheduled to hit movie screens is Brave New World approximately 15 months later, in February 2025.

This pause in the theatrical arm of the MCU comes at a time when the series has fallen from the financial highs of Avengers: Endgame; box office predictions, including our own, indicate that The Marvels may have the lowest opening of the franchise thus far.

Photo courtesy Disney - 20th Century Fox

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