Event Cinema Association Welcomes Two New Board Members

Mathe (l) and Correia; image courtesy the ECA

The Event Cinema Association (ECA), the trade body representing exhibitors, distributors, and vendors who work in the event cinema/alternative programming space, has announced the appointment of two new members to their Board of Directors: Katrin Mathe, international event cinema manager for Kinepolis; and Laura Correia, AVP film and event cinema for National Amusements.

With the appointment of Mathe and Correia, the ECA’s Board of Directors is proud to have achieved gender balance—something that, said the ECA in a statement, is “rare amongst similar industry bodies but also clearly solidifies the growth and strength of the organisation’s relationship with exhibition and its commitment to taking a more global role with respect to the event cinema sector.”

Said Grainne Peat, managing director of the ECA since 2018:

This truly feels like a historic moment for the ECA.. Since being in the post I have truly admired both Laura and Katrin, both are exemplary leaders in their field and while they may feel honoured, it is in fact me who is honoured to have them on the Board of Directors. 

When I started in the position, we amended our Articles of Association to enable us to recruit more Directors, but it was a process I didn’t want to rush. I wanted to ensure that I would be supported and represented by a high-calibre Board to help deliver our vision for the ECA. We still have two vacant positions on the Board that we will look to fill in the coming months. 

Going forward into 2022, it definitely feels that the ECA is back on the upward trajectory we had achieved pre-pandemic. We have a full schedule planned and as always, there are lots of new areas we want to explore such as gaming, sporting events and anime. We need to start looking at the next generation of event cinema audiences and share this information across our global network. It certainly feels like we have turned a corner and have an exciting year ahead.”

Mathe (l) and Correia; image courtesy the ECA

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