Facebook Watch – ‘Apocalypse’ Reigns Supreme

Monday Morning Update: X-Men: Apocalypse was the top like-getter over the past week on Facebook as it dethroned last week’s champ Jason Bourne with 111,563 new likes in the wake of its latest trailer. Fox’s mutants have had a hard time competing with Captain America over the past few months and before that Deadpool but these numbers here are a nice reminder of just how attractive the X-Men franchise is for moviegoers. By comparison, X-Men: Days Of Future Past only could muster a third of these new like totals the same distance before its release.

Usual suspects Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad both continued their Facebook like assault as well over the past week which is undoubtedly impressive. Suicide Squad is well on the way to breaking Deadpool‘s record for most likes for a new Facebook page prior to release (3,588,261), whereas Captain America‘s Facebook page is actually now ahead of The Avengers (14,785,600), making it the second most liked page on Facebook for the Marvel Cinematic Universe films (Iron Man has 19,693,097 likes).

We had a Warcraft sighting for the first time in a while in the top 5 as its June release date is now just six weekends away. Considering that the Facebook page for the game itself has just over 6 million likes despite being out for 10 years and having a peak active subscriber base of over 10 million people its total here is actually impressive very at second glance. With another video game adaptation sputtering last weekend (or should I say Clanking) all eyes are on this to see if it can break the curse of the video game genre and actually not only turn a profit but turn out to be a decent film.

Me Before You had the greatest percentage jump of all films in the top 10 over the past week as it surpassed the 305,000 like mark. It is shaping up to be the romantic comedy with the most potential in the Summer slate as it has already surpassed the total that both How To Be Single and The Choice managed before release even though it has a further 5 weeks to go before it debuts.

Facebook Top 10 Movies by Like Increase for the last week Ending Sunday May 1st

Rank Release Movie Likes Change % Change
1 05/27/16 X-Men: Apocalypse 13,627,153 111,563 0.83%
2 05/06/16 Captain America: Civil War 16,564,434 103,571 0.63%
3 08/05/16 Suicide Squad 2,441,575 66,956 2.82%
4 06/10/16 Warcraft 1,241,466 64,674 5.50%
5 06/03/16 Me Before You 305,925 60,575 24.69%
6 05/20/16 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising 1,462,289 49,062 3.47%
7 05/20/16 The Angry Birds Movie 778,785 43,469 5.91%
8 07/15/16 Ghostbusters (2016) 2,658,381 36,987 1.41%
9 06/17/16 Finding Dory 1,994,448 24,562 1.25%
10 07/29/16 Jason Bourne 2,358,275 22,016 0.94%