‘Fantastic Beasts’ Crosses $300M Overseas, Closes in on $500M Worldwide

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is finding success in every corner of the world. The film grossed $132 million from 67 markets over the weekend, including two big debuts in Asia this weekend.

The film opened in over 11,600 screens in China to $41.1 million, outgrossing fellow opener Moana to claim the top spot in the world’s biggest overseas market with 60% of the Top 5 market share. Fantastic Beasts has surpassed the lifetime theatrical runs of all other films in the Harry Potter universe, except Deathly Hallow Part 2, after only three days in release in China.

Japan grossed $15.5 million on 966 screens, taking top spot over the weekend with 72% of the Top 5 market share.

UK led all holdovers with $11 million on more than 1,800 screens to reach a $37.6 million cume.  South Korea brought in $7.4 million from 1,159 to hit a $24.6 million total. Germany ($6.1M weekend on 1,271 screens / $18.4M total) and France ($5.2M weekend on 805 screens) / $16.7M total) rounded up overseas holdovers above $5 million for the weekend.

Fantastic Beasts has grossed a total of $317.5 million overseas and $473.7 million worldwide. IMAX screenings have contributed a total of $19.4 million to its overseas run.

The weekend’s other top performers outside of North America include:

Russia$4.4 million on 2,304 screens, $16.7 million total.

Australia: $3.9 million on 690 screens, $13.5 million total.

Italy: $3.5 million on 839 screens, $11.8 million total.

Brazil:  $3 million on 1,222 screens, $11.3 million total.

Mexico: $2.7 million on 2,475 screens, $11.3 million total.

Spain:  $2.5 million on 597 screens, $8.3 million total.


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