Ferco Seating Brings Premium Verona Line to North America



UK-based seating manufacturer, Ferco Seating has formally announced the launch of the Premium Verona cinema seating line in North America. Available in three models, Premium Verona, Premium Verona Zero Wall and Premium Verona Lite –– each version is suitable to the unique needs of every theater. Renowned for designing innovative seating solutions, the Premium Verona line is a continued expansion of Ferco Seating’s already impressive line of luxury theater seating. 

Premium Verona is a fully reclining seat that maximizes comfort and style. With two separate electric motors, users can adjust the footrest and backrest to fit their individual preferences. These top-of-the-range fully reclining seats allow audience members to feel welcomed and nestled in the space while immersing themselves in a complete state of relaxation. For guests looking for a more intimate experience, privacy booths can be paired with each seat, as well as USB charging ports and in-seat lighting. The chair also features underseat lighting and built in cup holders. Theaters that are aiming to integrate a dine-in experience can benefit from integrated swivel tables and the iPad technology at each seat for remote access to menus for ordering drinks and fares. 

Premium Verona Zero Wall is the perfect seating option for theaters looking to provide users with a relaxing experience while also fully optimizing available space. As the user reclines, the backrest recedes into the space created by the seat moving forward. Premium Verona Zero Wall’s smooth operating system fully reclines the backrest in a quick eight seconds.

Premium Verona Lite was designed for small theater without sacrificing on comfort. The chair has the same great quality as the Premium Verona and Zero Wall models but does not full recline, reducing the required space for the seat. It is equipped with a motorised backrest that allows it to fit into many already existing spaces.

Each model is available with customization options including swivel tables for concessions, USB charging port, in-seat lighting, and custom embroidery, easy-lift for cleaning, seat auto-return, and enclosure panel for user privacy, LED seat numbering, and call button system. The Premium Verona line is available as a single seat, a twin seat or a link seat with shared armrests and is finished with a luxe leather covering. 

The Premium Verona line was designed with quality and comfort in mind. Experts at Ferco Seating are always looking to enhance theater attendees’ experience and design with purpose with the audience members’ enjoyment in mind. This recent expansion of Ferco Seating’s premium portfolio is a continuation of the company’s passion for enhancing theater goers’ experience through seating that specializes in providing comfort and style.