FLEXOUND Pulse Seat Promises First Fully Loudspeaker-Free Cinema Concept

With the slogan “sit inside the sound,” FLEXOUND Augmented Audio has announced their new product FLEXOUND Pulse, a chair with built-in sound that eliminates the need for loudspeakers at cinemas and other venues.

Unlike loudspeakers that vibrate sound into the air, this radiates the vibration through foam, providing a soft, near-field listening experience. Originally designed and engineered in Finland to help autistic children, the patented technology can be embedded into seats, cushions, or anything that is soft and in contact with the body.

Image courtesy: FLEXOUND Augmented Audio

The company says that users can feel sound frequencies up to 500 hertz with their body, and frequencies up to 1,000 hertz with their hands and skin. Because the technology does not rely on far-field listening or filling a room with decibels like traditional loudspeakers, sound leakage outside the cinema auditorium is considerably less.

According to a company press release, a market research survey found 89 percent of respondents said that they want FLEXOUND Pulse seating in their local cinemas, while 91 percent said that they would recommend the experience to others.

For more information, visit https://www.flexound.com/flexound-pulse or see the video below:

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