GDC to Showcase Premium Format Solutions at CinemaCon 2024

Image Courtesy of GDC Technology

GDC Technology Limited (GDC) has announced they will again participate as a sponsor of CinemaCon 2024. At this April’s convention, GDC will showcase its latest solutions developed for the premium large format market, which are designed to help drive more revenue as well as reduce cost.

This includes the complete product line of SR Series media servers with the audio capability for DTS audio technologies: DTS Surround Cinema (optimized X-curve and full-range surround speakers with enhanced bass managemen), DTS:X for IAB (up to 32 channels of realistic object-based immersive audio that supports international immersive audio standard – IAB). There is also the standalone AIB-3000 Cinema Audio Processor with DTS Surround Cinema, a 16-channel audio processor with enhanced bass management developed to work with all major media servers. In addition, GDC will highlight the INTELA RGB laser light upgrade for Series 2 projectors and DIVE Dynamic Lighting System programmable light shows to highlight premium format technologies and enhance the pre-show experience.

GDC will present a wide display of new products, including SR-1000 IMB with built-in 4TB CineCache designed to be expanded with external PSD-4000-SSD Portable Storage Series. PSD-4000-SSD is a compact, lightweight, and portable storage device that can share the entire library of content with other auditoriums. Additionally, GDC will showcase recent developments to enhance its enterprise software solutions. Cinema Automation CA2.0 is a technology that leverages machine learning to enhance cinema management. Today, there are over 400 sites with over 3,900 screens installed or committed globally. TMS-2000 Theatre Management System that has over 38,500 screens at over 5,300 theaters installed globally. The TmsAware app and web-based TMS-2000WEB offerings provide convenience and flexibility, allowing users to access and manage the TMS-2000 system via a dedicated app and web interface. Then there is the CMS-3000 web-based Central Management System and NOC-3000 Network Operations Center, which have been deployed in the U.S. and around the world.

“We are thrilled to participate at CinemaCon and proud to support the cinema industry as a major sponsor,” said GDC founder and chief executive officer Dr. Man-Nang Chong. “CinemaCon brings the global exhibition and distribution community together to share ideas, watch upcoming blockbusters, and see everything from popcorn machines to LED cinema screens from leading manufacturers. At GDC, we are excited to show our latest technologies and solutions to enhance the premium moviegoing experience. Our goal is to deliver on the customers’ demands for premium but affordable products by continually improving and automating cinema operations with reliable solutions to cut operating costs and improve the overall quality of the presentation.”

Image Courtesy of GDC Technology