Global Giants of Exhibition 2015: #7 – 12

This year’s Global Giants of Exhibition ranking celebrates the progressive restructuring of the global exhibition landscape by acknowledging all of the companies paving the way for the reinvention of the cinema experience. 

Here is a look at the Global Giants of Exhibition Rankings #7 – #12:

Global Giants of Exhibition

#7 – Cinemex

Mexico (Domestic)

Mexico’s Cinemex has grown in recent years to simultaneously become the country’s #2 exhibitor and crack the global top ten list in terms of screen count. Cinemex can move even further up this list if the circuit decides to embark on an international expansion. To date, Cinemex operates 2,361 screens in Mexico alone.

#8 – China Film Group Digital Cinema Line

China (Domestic)

China Film Group is one of the country’s most important brands in the cinema world. Their exhibition circuit currently operates 2,342 screens domestically.

#9 – Odeon and UCI Cinemas

United Kingdom (International)

With an established presence in some of Europe’s most dominant markets, Odeon & UCI Cinemas has successfully built an international circuit in high-demand areas of the continent. Odeon & UCI currently operate more than 2,220 screens across the UK & Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Austria.

#10 – CJ CGV

South Korea (International)

South Korea’s top exhibitor has the ambition to move up this list in the coming years. CJ CGV shot up to the top ten with more than 2,100 screens after acquiring Turkey’s leading circuit, Mars, just days before CinemaCon 2016. With a strong footprint in its home country, analysts expect CJ CGV to continue its growth in more overseas markets.

#11 – China Film South Cinema Circuit

China (Domestic)

Just falling off the top ten, and in a dead heat competition with China Film Stellar as domestic circuits over 2,000 screens, China Film South Cinema Circuit currently counts with 2,082 screens nationwide.

#12 – China Film Stellar

China (Domestic)

One of China’s most promising domestic circuits, China Film Stellar is among the top performers in the country in terms of box office performance. They’re quite active in terms of screen count as well, with 2,050 screens across its entire circuit.

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