Global Giants of Exhibition 2016: #1 – #6

This year’s Global Giants of Exhibition ranking celebrates the progressive restructuring of the global exhibition landscape by acknowledging all of the companies paving the way for the reinvention of the cinema experience. 

Here is a look at the Global Giants of Exhibition Rankings #1 – #6:


#1 – Wanda Group (Wanda Cinema Line, AMC, Hoyts)

China (International)

With the recently announced acquisition of Carmike by AMC, the Wanda group is looking at building a theatrical empire that will soon break the 10,000-screens threshold. For the moment, however, Wanda has a firm grasp on the top spot with a network that includes China’s Wanda Cinema Line, North America’s AMC, and the multi-national Hoyts chain.

#2 – Regal Entertainment Group

United States (Domestic)

Regal surrendered the top spot in this year’s rankings, as China’s Wanda Group continues growing through acquisitions. Regal remains a leader in North America, however, where it currently operates 7,361 screens.

#3 – Cinemark

United States (International)

Texas-based Cinemark became a global exhibition powerhouse in the mid-90s, when it first began to pioneer the multiplex concept in Latin America. Today, Cinemark enjoys a footprint of nearly 6,000 screens across the American continent. The circuit has stood out in developing its own highly-successful private-label premium large format concept, Cinemark XD.

#4 – Cinepolis

Mexico (International)

The top exhibition circuit in Mexico has done an exceptional job expanding to foreign markets, growing its brand through Central and South America before adding mature markets such as the United States, India, and Spain in recent years. Cinepolis entered the U.S. market with their VIP cinema line, opting for a strategy that places it as a top competitor in North America’s quickly evolving luxury cinema space.

#5 – Carmike Cinemas

United States (Domestic)

Wanda Group’s acquisition of Carmike means this will be the Georgia-based circuit’s last listing in our annual ranking, should the deal go through as it’s expected. Carmike saw a dramatic turnaround  in recent years, growing to become the #5 exhibition circuit in the world by the time Wanda acquired it in early 2016.

#6 – Guangdong Dadi Theatre Circuit

China (Domestic)

China’s second biggest cinema chain sits just outside of our global top 5 list. Dadi is quickly increasing its footprint across mainland China, where it should reach the 3,000 screen milestone later this year.

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