GLOBAL REPORT: ‘Cinderella’ Enjoys $132.4M Day-and-Date Debut

Cinderella welcomed $132.4 million global day-and-date debut this weekend. The film brought in $132.4 million from 31 territories, including a $25 million haul from China where it posted the biggest March opening of all time. Other significant premieres came in Russia ($7.3M), Mexico ($5M), and Italy ($4.6M).

Big Hero 6 became the top animated title released in 2014 this week. The film grossed $17 million over the weekend, bringing its overseas haul up to $411.1 million. Japan continues to lead all overseas markets with a $75.8 million, followed by China’s $66.5 million, UK‘s $29.2 million, Russia’s $20.2 million, and South Korea’s $20.1 million. Big Hero 6 has grossed a total of $632.7 million worldwide.

Kingsman: The Secret Service earned $13.7 million from 56 markets this weekend, taking its overseas haul up to $169.9 million. Kingsman has grossed $277.2 million worldwide.

Focus earned $13.5 million from 61 markets, including a $1.9 million debut in Brazil. Top markets include the UK ($8.7M), Russia ($7.7M), and Mexico ($5.2M). Focus has grossed $57.7 million overseas and $101.7 million worldwide.

Jupiter Ascending continues to benefit from its Chinese release. The film grossed $8.7 million from 37 markets this weekend, with $8.1 million of that figure coming from China alone. China has now earned a total of $40.6 million after only two weekends. Other top markets for the sci-fi flick remain far behind; Russia ($9M), the UK ($6.7M), France ($6.6M), Brazil ($6.2M), and Germany ($5.2M). Jupiter Ascending has grossed a total of $125.2 million overseas and $171.1 million worldwide.

Fifty Shades of Grey passed Despicable Me to become Universal’s tenth highest grossing film worldwide with a $546.5 million global total. The weekend brought in another $8.3 million from 50 territories, making it Universal’s sixth highest grossing film of all time overseas with $385.1 million. The film is Universal’s highest grossing film ever in Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Venezuela.

American Sniper collected $8 million from 57 markets, taking its overseas total up to $175.7 million. Top overseas markets include Italy ($23.3M), the UK (20.5m), France ($19.3M), Australia ($15.3M), and Japan ($14.8M). The Clint Eastwood movie has now grossed $513.2 million worldwide.

Run All Night took a day-and-date debut across 19 markets overseas, bringing in a global total of $17.6 million. The overseas haul contributed $6.6 million of that figure, including a $1.3 million opening in the UK.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water soaked up $4.3 million from 49 territories this weekend. The film has now grossed $116.2 million overseas and $271.3 million worldwide.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel welcomed $4.1million from 17 markets, taking its overseas total up to $28.9 million. The UK held on to the top spot this weekend with $2 million, lifting the market total to $17.5 million. The film has grossed $46.9 million globally.

Into the Woods opened in Japan over the weekend, bringing in $3.6 million to make it the biggest opening weekend for a Western release in 2015. Into the Woods has now grossed $64.8 million overseas and $192 million globally.

Seventh Son grossed $1.7 million in 14 territories to reach an overseas total of $90.9 million. The film has grossed $108 million worldwide.

Birdman caught $1.7 million from 28 markets to to take its overseas cume to $56.1 million.  The Best Picture winner has grossed $98.1 million worldwide.

The Theory of Everything discovered $1.4 million from 46 territories over the weekend. The film’s overseas haul is up to $81.5 million, while its global total is now at $117.2 million.