GQT Movies Partners with TaPOS Cinema Software

TaPOS — the cinema software solution for ticketing, POS, CRM, and analytics — announced its partnership with GQT Movies, upgrading their POS across 20+ sites and 150+ screens at the top-20 U.S. circuit based out of Lafayette, Indiana.

GQT Movies ranks #20 on Boxoffice PRO‘s Giants of Exhibition 2023 list of North America’s largest cinema circuits, with 238 screens at 23 locations.

GQT needed an enterprise ticketing solution capable of simplifying its operations while supporting its efforts to generate more revenue. GQT’s new system needed to be compatible with its current environment of third-party integrations. And it had to be accessible to everyone, from box office and concession stand operators to site managers, accounting teams, and central leadership.

TaPOS, a subsidiary of Jacro, has 100+ years of experience in the cinema industry, including 25+ years providing cinema software solutions.  Its API was refined to integrate seamlessly with GQT’s webhost. Additional features, such as enhancements to the loyalty module, were added on request.

The project was executed from pilot to full rollout in five weeks, then completing up to three sites a week after that. Within five months, everything was up and running.

GQT leadership now has instant access to multi-site reporting, which previously was a manual and labor-intensive process. Operational staff are finding the TaPOS system simple and intuitive to use. And GQT has been impressed by how much easier refunds and seat-moves are.

Now that rollout is complete, GQT is looking forward to implementing other functions such as TaPOS’ online concession sales and its solution to support customer engagement and events. Looking further into the future, GQT now has a partner capable of keeping pace with its expansion plans.

“We are delighted to partner with an ambitious and forward-thinking cinema circuit like GQT,” Alan Roe, CEO of TaPOS and Jacro, said in a press release. “We are dedicated to providing solutions that help cinemas streamline and increase revenue and we’re looking forward to working with GQT during this exciting phase of their growth.”

“GQT is very growth-focused,” Jake McSparin, GWT Movies’ VP of Theater Operations, added in the same press release. “There are a number of projects on the horizon and it’s reassuring to know that TaPOS is ready and able to walk right alongside us. It’s great to work with a company that’s as agile as we are.”