How the Opening Weekend of DUNE: PART TWO Compared with its 2021 Predecessor

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The opening weekend of Dune: Part Two saw a range of eager moviegoers hitting cinemas for the anticipated continuation of the screen saga. Exploring the mythic journey of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) as he unites with Chani (Zendaya) and the Fremen on a warpath of revenge, Dune: Part Two delivered the next chapter of Frank Herbert’s celebrated book and the largest 2024 domestic opening weekend to date.

Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve’s anticipated follow-up to 2021’s six-time Academy Award-winning Dune: Part One ($108.3M domestic/ $402M global) rode into theaters on a high buzz (and with a coveted popcorn bucket.) Following an $82.5M opening weekend — $1M above Sunday’s initial estimate — the film brought in an additional $7.3M on Monday, bringing the four-day total to $89.8M. The combined total of both currently films sits at $198.7M and counting.

According to Vista Group, the three-day opening weekend of Dune: Part Two attracted 46% of infrequent moviegoers, which was in line with the 42% infrequent moviegoers Dune: Part One brought in, but notable when compared to the 34% average of infrequent moviegoers attending opening weekends in 2024. Occasional and frequent moviegoer figures were on par with Dune: Part One, with frequent moviegoers increasing by 4% to 24% and the number for occasional moviegoers staying identical with Part One at 31%.

A significant number of opening weekend moviegoers opted to experience the sequel in premium formats such as IMAX. 23% of all moviegoers bought IMAX tickets for opening weekend, with 24% overall buying tickets for PLF viewings – a notable difference to other 2024 films to date (at 4% IMAX and 11% PLF.) That’s also an increase from Dune: Part One, which saw 18% IMAX and 17% PLF viewings from opening weekend back in 2021.

The opening weekends for both films were similarly male skewed, with Dune: Part One’s opening weekend audience 68% male and 32% female and Dune: Part Two tracking at 72% male and 28% female. Both films shared the same top three age demographics for their opening weekends as well, with Dune: Part One attracting 22% of ages 25 – 34, 16% of ages 35 – 44, and 17% of ages 45 – 54 and Dune: Part Two’s opening weekend consisting of 26% of ages 25 – 34, 22% of ages 35 – 44, and 18% of ages 45 – 54. Dune: Part Two scored an “A” CinemaScore and 5 out of 5 on ComScore’s PostTrak, a good indication that word of mouth will keep the movie holding steady in the weeks to come.

Courtesy of Warner Bros.
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