IMAX and Megarama to Expand Partnership with Three New Locations in France and Morocco

French exhibition company Megarama and IMAX have announced an agreement for three new IMAX systems in France and Morocco. The new deal will more than triple IMAX’s footprint with Megarama and bring the number of IMAX systems in France to 29, including 23 currently open and another 6 set for installation. Two of the new IMAX with Laser locations will be in France – in Givors and Boulogne-Sur-Mer – and one in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco.

Megarama is among IMAX’s newest international exhibition partners, with the Paris-based firm opening its first IMAX location in Bordeaux in December 2022. With this new deal, Megarama becomes IMAX’s second biggest commercial client in France. The new agreement comes as IMAX rides a wave of momentum in France, which is a top ten market overall for global box office for the company. IMAX just had its best first quarter ever at the box office in France with $9.3M (Q1 2023), coming close to its record for the highest grossing quarter of all time with $9.5M, which was set in Q4 2022. Both France and Morocco are also among the 48 countries worldwide where Avatar: The Way of Water stands as the highest grossing IMAX release ever.

“We are delighted to join forces with IMAX to bring our audiences an even more immersive and captivating cinematic experience” said Jean-Pierre Lemoine, the founder and president of Megarama. “This strategic partnership reflects our unwavering dedication to offering our movie-goers the highest quality entertainment and pushing the boundaries of innovation in cinema industry”.

“IMAX continues to grow and diversify its global footprint, and this new agreement with our excellent partners at Megarama expands our presence in two key countries — including France, one of the world’s red hot box office markets,” said Rich Gelfond, the chief executive officer of IMAX. “Megarama’s embrace of IMAX is a clear example of how our results with ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ are driving our sales business, and our overall strength at the box office in France is reigniting the market for network growth.”

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