Interview: James Adam Browning, President of Gold Medal Products

It has been a memorable decade for James Adam Browning at Gold Medal Products. The executive joined the company in 2010, most recently ascending to the posts of executive vice president and general counsel before being named as the company’s president in March. Browning’s contributions have covered a range of areas: from legal and compliance issues to implementing operational efficiency policies in order to boost productivity and profitability. 

Gold Medal CEO and chairman, Dan Kroeger, offered his endorsement of the new appointment: “Adam has demonstrated outstanding leadership during his time at Gold Medal. His knowledge, experience, and work ethic will be of great benefit to guide our company’s journey into the future of the concessions industry.”

Boxoffice caught up with Browning to get his first reactions to the new role.

Congratulations on the new post. What do you find most interesting about the challenges ahead? 

Thank you. I’m very excited and humbled by the opportunity. Two things I’m most looking forward to are continuing to grow Gold Medal’s reputation as the leader in the concessions industry and reimagining our equipment and food products in a way that innovates, resulting in a better customer experience. When I started at Gold Medal, I quickly recognized that this is a relationship business, and in order to build strong relationships you had to build trust. We do that by delivering value with our products, being easy to work with, and by focusing on customer service. My goal is to not merely “maintain” but to find ways to improve, strengthen existing relationships, and build new ones. I’m also looking forward to increasing our focus on new product development and innovation. Customers count on us to deliver new and exciting products with features that improve user interaction, enhance customer experiences, and grow the category. Gold Medal has always been known for this, and I will continue to make it a top priority.


How does Gold Medal stand out in such a competitive marketplace?  

I think it’s simple: we sell the best products at a competitive price. We keep the focus of our customer experience on delivering quality service and prompt responsiveness. In this market, it’s important to have fun too. We really enjoy what we do, and that approach makes all the difference.


Popcorn is a cornerstone throughout many entertainment venues. What does theatrical exhibition represent for your business?   

Popcorn is closely interwoven into the theater experience. Given Gold Medal’s history and our focus on popcorn, our relationships with theaters really mean everything to us. We take great pride in it as a showcase of our equipment and products and what they can do for both the theaters and their customers. For decades we have worked tirelessly with our cinema partners to grow this aspect of their business and improve the overall moviegoing experience, and we’ll continue to do so.


Can you tell us a bit about the Gold Medal presence at CinemaCon this year?

We always enjoy our time at CinemaCon and appreciate the opportunity to showcase some of the newest trends in the industry. This year we featured gourmet popcorn. As one of the fastest-growing snacking trends, it represents the next growth opportunity for movie theaters. Also on display was the PopClean Elite Series. These poppers are designed for high-volume theaters and contain one of the most advanced filtration systems available. Our new bulk nacho cabinet was also well-received. Plus, guests enjoyed taste testing, as we introduced many new flavors and food concepts.

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