Ireland’s Omniplex Cinema Group Signs with CinemaNext to Upgrade 51 Locations with Laser Light Upgrades from Cinionic

Image Courtesy of Omniplex Cinemas

Ireland’s largest Cinema circuit, Omniplex Cinema Group, signed with CinemaNext to upgrade 51 of their locations with RGB+  Laser Light upgrades and Barco Series 2 projectors from Cinlonic. This agreement makes for one of the largest laser light upgrade contracts in Europe to date. 

CinemaNext is the largest cinema exhibition service in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They rpovide equipment, audio systems, Sphera premium cinema, e-commerce platforms, central systems, cinema outfitting service, content management, 3D projection capabilities, TMS and digital signage and screens. 

““We have consistently been able to depend on CinemaNext’s expertise to help advise us in selecting the best solutions to meet our needs. Brand-new laser RGB+ light sources provided by Cinionic will be used to retrofit existing Xenon lamp-powered projectors in these 51 auditoriums. It also means no more lamp replacements in the upgraded projection booths, and as much as 30% increase in light output and 78% less power consumption vs. Xenon lamp projection. As a result, not only will we lower our operating costs, but we will continue to deliver a consistently high-quality moviegoing experience for Irish audiences.,” said Paul Anderson, Managing Director of Omniplex Cinema Group. 

“We’ve enjoyed a lengthy partnership with Omniplex and are thrilled to be spearheading this retrofit project in collaboration with Cinionic,” adds Jerry Murdoch, Country Manager for CinemaNext UK & Ireland. “By replacing their current lamp houses with a compact laser module, Omniplex will not only extend the lifespan of their existing projectors but also raise the bar on image quality with greater contrast, better uniformity and image consistency as part of their renewal strategy.”

Image Courtesy of Omniplex Cinemas

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