Kaleidescape Announces Alternative Content Delivery Platform for Cinema

Courtesy of Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape announced at CinemaCon 2024 that they are expanding into Cinema. Kaleidescape provides an alternative method to securely deliver library releases to the big screen. The Kaleidescape platform provides high quality content, enabling convenient playback of content on demand. Kaleidescape integrates easily into a movie complex, utilizing the same projectors and audio solutions already installed. With lossless audio and reference quality video, the on demand library of content allows exhibitors to program additional movie screenings or movie marathons and curate special events of repertory programming.

Eight exhibitors are currently piloting the hardware platform, including Alamo Drafthouse, B&B Theatres, Brenden Theatres, Cinema West, Classic Cinemas, Epic Theatres, Megaplex Theatres, and Star Cinema Grill. Kaleidescape has currently executed an agreement with one major Hollywood studio and is in active discussions with others. Additionally, Kaleidescape has been working with technology partners to integrate with their TMS, in order to further streamline an exhibitor’s workflow.

“Kaleidescape’s secure media platform provides operational ease by enhancing flexibility and scalability for the exhibitor and offering access to a diverse array of content for their customers,” said Priscilla Morgan, the chief operating officer of Kaleidescape. “Much gratitude goes to our studio, exhibition, and technology partners for their innovation in embracing a new content delivery platform.”

“We are excited to work together on this new endeavor. B&B strives to be innovative, and we can’t wait to pilot this new technology with Kaleidescape and GDC,” said Brock Bagby, the president & chief content, programming & development officer of B&B Theatres.

“Kaleidescape’s platform is a potential game changer for exhibitors, allowing easy activation of excess screen capacity, bringing a steady slate of library titles on demand,” said Tony Adamson, the senior vice president for GDC Technology. “I am excited that GDC is the first TMS provider to integrate with the Kaleidescape platform.”

Courtesy of Kaleidescape

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