Kinepolis 2022 Earnings Report Reveals a 70.7% Increase in Visitors and an 87.7% Increase in Total Revenue

Courtesy of Kinepolis

Kinepolis announced the circuit’s 2022 annual results today, which included a total revenue of over $534M, an increase of 87.7% compared to 2021. The annual revenue also reached 90.6% of 2019, a record year for the company. Kinepolis reports a 70.7% increase in 2022 visitors versus 2021, with attendance reaching 72.7% of 2019 pre-Covid levels. The circuit also reported that revenue per visitor has never been higher, thanks to a focus on the customer experience.

The past year saw Kinepolis’ commitment to further premiumisation of its product range and the implementation of its Entrepreneurship plan, which focuses on EBITDA development. Kinepolis also took the first steps in the further implementation of its expansion strategy with a number of acquisitions, including cinemas in Barcelona, Marbella, and Amnéville, as well as the opening of the new Kinepolis Metz Amphithéâtre in France. In Canada and the US, Kinepolis rolled out premium concepts such as Premiere Seats, Laser ULTRA, and VIP Seats. The circuit also added 220 laser projection installations in 2022.

Eddy Duquenne, the chief executive officer of Kinepolis Group, conveyed his thoughts on the results, sharing, “I am particularly proud of the turnover and the result we are achieving with these visitor numbers. We are enthusiastic about what Hollywood is undertaking regarding its theatrical release calendar for the years to come, especially considering the success of local films and Hollywood blockbusters over the past year. The steps we have taken by focusing on experience, in combination with our Entrepreneurship plan, have ensured that Kinepolis has become one of the strongest players in the industry from a financial point of view. This not only provides us with the means to roll out a large number of new ideas and concepts, for an even greater customer experience, but also to continue our expansion strategy.”

Courtesy of Kinepolis

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