Kinepolis Launches ‘Discovery Day’ Preview Program in Its European Cinemas

Kinepolis is launching a new initiative, Kinepolis “Discovery Day.” The circuit will preview its program of upcoming films twice a year free of charge in all its Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourg, French,and Spanish cinemas.  

The program will consist of two distinct trailer shows, one for a general audience and one for a family audience. Kinepolis tested the Discovery Day initiative earlier this year in a number of Belgian cinemas and says it received unanimously positive responses from the more than 2,000 visitors.

“People are often unaware of the film program playing in theaters,” Kinepolis observed in its press release. “The number of films programmed in cinemas has grown spectacularly in recent years: More films are being produced and they are being released across other platforms sooner, as such shortening the life cycle of a film in theaters. Hence, the promotion of a film runs over a shorter period of time, resulting in less investment in big advertising campaigns.”

Eddy Duquenne, CEO of Kinepolis Group, stated, “Our Discovery Day is intended to give customers a sneak preview of the films coming to theaters over the next few months. Because why would they come to the cinema if they don’t know what’s on screen? The goal of the event is for customers to have a good time and go home with a great feeling. The ratings they give to trailers provide us with valuable information about a film’s potential success. It’s an opportunity for us to open our doors and present our menu. It will become a regular appointment with our customers, twice a year, in all our cinemas.”

Kinepolis Discovery Day will take place on Saturday, October 5 in virtually all Belgian, French and Spanish Kinepolis cinemas, on October 19 in Luxembourg, and on November 9 in all Dutch Kinepolis cinemas. Customers can choose between a general presentation and a family content-oriented formula. For further details and registration, visit

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