Switzerland’s Kitag Cinemas Signs Deal to Implement POSitive Cinema Technology

Kitag Cinemas, the largest cinema chain based in Switzerland, announced an agreement last Tuesday to use the Poland-based POSitive Cinema program beginning next year.

The deal, to be implemented in 2021, will use the POSitive Cinema system in all the chain’s 14 cinemas in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

The technology includes features for ticketing, scheduling, food and beverage, inventory management, marketing campaigns, and more.

POSitive Cinema’s parent company is LSI Software S.A., which provides similar technological management products for industries including stores, restaurants, hotels, and stadiums.

“We are very excited about this partnership and we can’t wait to see the final result of the merger of solid cinema business with modern technologies and features,” POSitive Cinema CEO Gregory Siewiera said in a press release. “Especially now, we need to provide the best possible experience at attractive cost level.”

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