MetaMedia and Broadcast Management Group Launch Streaming Solution for Live Events

Image Courtesy of MetaMedia

MetaMedia and Broadcast Management Group (BMG) have launched a solution for the production and distribution of live interactive marketing events to cinemas.

The suite includes:

  • Unicasts targeted to individual cinema sites or delivered around the world (for premieres, red carpet events, special fan events, etc.)
  • Interactive broadcasts which allow for real-time conversations from cinema to cinema (for talent Q&A, polling, or market research, etc.)
  • Teleconferences bringing Zoom-style meetings into the cinema (for panel discussions, distance learning, sales conferences, etc.)
  • Event management, including turnkey, staging, lighting, and set design
  • Animated characters and avatars interacting with audiences in real time, powered by Magic Screen™ 

MetaMedia is a platform that delivers movies, premium content and live events to cinemas around the world. Broadcast Management Group services include Live Production, Event Management, Creative Services, Broadcast Consulting Managed Services, and Systems Integration. BMG also operates a REMI Broadcast Production Hub and REMI Mobile Units.

“This opens new revenue streams for cinema partners and more cost-effective marketing for studios, music labels or anyone who wants to reach the massive movie-going audience.” says MetaMedia CEO, Jason Brenek. “Imagine a red-carpet event from London with stars on the red carpet directly responding to questions from a theater audience in Iowa. Events can be promotional or ticketed, bringing new revenue to cinemas while cost-effectively reaching even four quadrant audiences.”

“Our REMI production system allows for centralized production technology and decentralized staffing,”  says Todd Mason, CEO of Broadcast Management Group, adding that BMG “can now offer innovative event and production services with targeted and interactive distribution around the world.”

Image Courtesy of MetaMedia

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