Miraj Cinemas Lights Up Kozhikode with Three-Screen Multiplex

Courtesy of Miraj Cinemas

India’s national multiplex chain Miraj Cinemas has unveiled its latest location in the culturally rich city of Kozhikode, Kerala, also known as Calicut. This landmark opening marks Miraj Cinemas’ debut in the vibrant state. Located on the bustling Mavoor Road, within the newly developed Blue Diamond Mall, opposite the Mofussil Bus Stand, the newly inaugurated multiplex is ready to deliver an unforgettable experience to movie enthusiasts. Once hailed as the Blue Diamond Theatre, this iconic venue has undergone a transformation to house Miraj Cinemas.

Miraj Cinemas Kozhikode boasts three meticulously designed screens, offering a total seating capacity of 489. Across these screens, the Blue Diamond Mall multiplex caters to diverse preferences, accommodating 131 patrons in Screen 1, 166 in Screen 2 (including 12 recliners), and 192 in Screen 3. From traditional seats to luxurious recliners, the seating arrangements cater to various preferences. Each auditorium features Dolby 7.1 sound systems and 2K projection and Triple Beam 3D Technology.

Amit Sharma, the managing director of Miraj Entertainment Ltd., said, “We are delighted to introduce Miraj Cinemas to Kozhikode, marking our debut in Kerala. The inauguration of our first property in the state marks a momentous milestone for us, underscoring our steadfast commitment to providing top-notch entertainment to our valued patrons in this region. With over 50 screens currently in the fit-out stage, we eagerly anticipate the grand unveiling of new cinemas in Delhi NCR, Chennai, Patiala, Ludhiana, Indore, Alwar, Agra, Jamshedpur, and beyond. This launch underscores our commitment to expanding the company’s presence across India, with plans to introduce more properties in the southern region soon.”

Bhuvnesh Mendiratta, the chief operating officer of Miraj Cinemas said, “Miraj Cinemas Kozhikode introduces innovative concepts to elevate the movie-watching experience. Featuring The Beanary Cafe and Chef Corner, alongside the Pop Corner and plush recliners, every visit promises an unforgettable experience. At The Beanery Cafe, our patrons enjoy our signature food and beverage offerings, while Chef Corner offers made-to-order dishes using fresh, high-quality ingredients, catering to all palates with local specialities, international flavors, and gluten-free options along with Jain cuisine. Our latest offering, Miraj Cinemas Blue Diamond Mall in Kozhikode, promises to be a beacon of cinematic excellence where movie enthusiasts can immerse themselves in unparalleled entertainment and luxury.”

Courtesy of Miraj Cinemas
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