MJR Theatres Brings Laser Ultra PLF to Michigan’s MJR Marketplace Cinema

MJR Theatres has announced that their new proprietary Premium Large-Screen Format (PLF) experience named Laser Ultra is expanding this summer to the MJR Marketplace Cinema in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The completely remodeled auditorium will feature a wall-to-wall screen, Barco 4K laser projection system, Dolby Atmos immersive sound, and zero gravity heated reclining chairs throughout.

In addition, the Laser Ultra auditorium will also include two rows of VIP Seats, which feature premium heated reclining chairs, two convenient side tables, storage compartments for personal belongings, coat hooks, and a surrounding privacy enclosure designed to provide additional personal space and comfort.

“We are looking forward to bringing Laser Ultra to Macomb County. We first debuted this experience last year at our MJR Brighton Cinema and the feedback we’ve received has been tremendous,” said Joel Kincaid, the vice president of operations for MJR Theatres. “Continuing our tradition of innovation, our newest Laser Ultra in Sterling Heights will be piloting a new concept, the ‘Premium Sofa Lounger,’ a heated loveseat recliner designed to enhance the viewing experience for those near the front of the auditorium and provide a unique product that doesn’t exist in this market.”

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