MOONBASE: THE NEXT STEP Steps Into IMAX and Giant Screen

Courtesy of Moonraker

Moonraker VFX, the visual effects studio based in Bristol, UK, has appointed Cosmic Picture as its sole distributor for the IMAX and Giant Screen markets. Originally made in an immersive 4K Fulldome format, Moonbase: The Next Step will now also be available for IMAX and Giant Screens. The announcement coincided with the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) conference, which was held across venues in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Narrated by NASA astronaut Nicole Stott, Moonbase: The Next Step explains how humanity might one day fulfill its ambition to make a permanent base on the Moon. Moonraker VFX previously worked on the BBC’s acclaimed Earth series and National Geographic’s One Strange Rock, as well as the BBC’s Arctic: Our Frozen Planet, which swept the board at the GSCA’s awards this year, winning Best Film-Short Subject (tie), Best Film for Lifelong Learning, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design and Best Original Score.

Jon Grafton, the managing director and co-founder of Moonraker VFX, said: “We’ve had a very successful year at the GSCA conference and are very excited for Moonbase’s future with IMAX and Giant Screen audiences. With India’s recent successful Moon landing, space exploration is back in the news and the public imagination. Informed by our team of scientific advisers, our film is the perfect guide to recent events and future next steps in space exploration. Moonbase: The Next Step will make a great addition to the programs of IMAX and Giant Screen venues.”

Antonietta Monteleone, the president of film distribution at Cosmic Picture, said, “We are excited to be partnering with the highly experienced award winning team at Moonraker and look forward to bringing this immersive adventure to Giant Screen and IMAX audiences around the world.”

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Courtesy of Moonraker