MoviePass Announces Major Platform Upgrades

Courtesy of MoviePass

MoviePass has announced the launch of several new platform features to enhance the moviegoing experience for its members. Upgrades to the service will be available starting today and include changes to online ticketing. MoviePass members will now have the ability to use their card information via the app to buy same-day tickets on any ticketing platform, which was the most requested feature from the MoviePass community. There will also no longer be a physical MoviePass card, as card information will now be virtual via the MoviePass app. If members need more credits in any given month, they can now buy additional credits directly in the app.

More upgrades are expected to be available before the end of 2023, including the ability to buy tickets to all premium format films. MoviePass members who are on the Standard or Premium plan will have access to this feature. MoviePass is also rolling out a “Give a Month, Get a Month” referral program. For every friend that a MoviePass member brings into the MoviePass community, the member will receive a free month of MoviePass, as will the friend. MoviePass will also introduce a platform where members can film reviews directly in the app. Finally, bundles of three month, six month, or one-year subscriptions of MoviePass will become available as holiday gift options.

“MoviePass continues to add innovative features to our service to improve the overall experience for our members,” said Stacy Spikes, the co-founder and chief executive officer of MoviePass. “We are listening to what our community wants and today’s announcement is just the beginning. We have plans to introduce even more upgrades by the end of this year.”

Courtesy of MoviePass

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