MX4D Motion Seating Expanding to Austria via Cineplexx



TORRANCE, California, October 9 2018 – Cineplexx Kinobetriebe GmbH has partnered with MMI to install the company’s first MX4D Motion EFX Theatre.

The 72 seat, 18 bench theatre is located in Graz, the country’s second largest city. MMI’s state-of-the-art seats will utilize a full range of motion and effects to enhance Hollywood’s latest releases. Special In-theatre atmospheric/ theater effects include wind, fog, strobing, and special effects. “We are excited to work with Cineplexx on our first Austrian installation,” says Jeremy Devine, VP of Marketing for MMI. “Our ongoing expansion reflects how beloved our unique industry leading 4D is for moviegoers worldwide.”

MMI’s silent air-driven pneumatic system offers a cinematic experience that immerses moviegoers into the film’s environment. Moving beyond standard 3D, the specially designed seats utilize MMI’s newly patented EFX armrest which allows for every customer to have a better uniformed experience across an entire theater.

“Installing MX4D is consistent with our ongoing commitment to offer the best cinematic experience around,“ stated Cineplexx CEO Christian Langhammer. MMI is currently working with the cinema chain to install and open two additional locations, Belgrade and Novi Sad, by the end of the year.

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