Nils Büker Becomes Co-Managing Director of Cine Project

Nils Büker. Image courtesy: Cine Project.

On October 1, Nils Büker will join Cine Project (CP), the German cinema integrator, as Co-Managing Director.

A physicist, Büker was previously a member of the top management of the Japanese company USHIO at its European headquarters near Amsterdam. For 23 years there, he focused primarily on the cinema markets in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States, or nations that were formerly Soviet republics).

Founded in 1995, Cine Project is a provider of cinema technical equipment, intelligent media technology, and installation in Germany. The company also offers solutions for the design, renovation, and digitization of movie theaters.

“Especially in difficult times, I appreciated Cine Project as a reliable partner in my role as a supplier and many CP customers tell me the same from the customer’s point of view. I am very much looking forward to work with the competent Cine Project team and to the new challenge,” Büker said in a press release. “Our customers can look forward to innovations meeting the changes in the market and the needs of their visitors.”

“The cinema and film industries are in a state of flux and was just hit hard by the [COVID-19] crisis. I am glad [to hire] Nils Büker, an expert with many years of experience as well as an excellent technical and business education, for Cine Project,” CEO Franz Kober added. “With him, the Cine Project Group will be even better able to meet the demands of our customers and our expansion into new markets and regions will be realized even faster.”

Nils Büker. Image courtesy: Cine Project.