Pathé Netherlands Signs Customer Agreement With CIELO


Pathé Netherlands is signing on to CIELO. The Dutch circuit will be installing CIELO, a digital solution specializing on device monitoring, data analytics, and customer experience for cinemas. CIELO currently counts on a total of 40,000 connected devices across 18,000 movie theater screens around the world.

The deal will bring all of Pathé Netherlands’ 30 cinemas and 246 screens under CIELO. The agreement has been implemented by Unique X, Pathé’s long-time provider of the RossettaBridge Theater Management System (TMS). CIELO’s solution will act as a complement to Unique X’s platform, bolstering Pathé’s operational efficiency as a whole, adding unique capabilities such as automated task assignment for equipment maintenance, shows interruptions prevention and smart system alerting to manage the theaters’ equipment proactively.

“It is exciting to see an existing RosettaBridge TMS customer expand their range of software services by adding the CIELO Enterprise product. We have been lucky enough to work with Pathé Netherlands for a number of years, for services such as BaseKey and RosettaNet. To remain involved in the ongoing drive for innovation and improvement of service provided by Pathé to their customers is a privilege,” said Mark Stephen, Sales Director of Unique X.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pathé to the CIELO community. A community of the most innovative and fast-growing Exhibitors in the market,” said Rafael Garzon, VP Customer Growth at CIELO.  “We are looking forward to helping Pathé optimize its operations and increase customer experience so they can focus their talent and investments on building new services and expanding existing services for their customers.”

“From one central location in the Netherlands, the Pathé Operations Center (POC) manage all 246 screens for Pathé. We not only make sure content and playlists are available in time for every show, but also that the hardware in the booth is in peak condition so that every performance is the best we can offer. CIELO helps us to streamline our work and its alert notification system helps us to fix warnings before it becomes a problem and thus preventing black screens.”

CIELO Enterprise will be adding innovation around technician dispatch, software upgrade and customer feedback management that Pathé will be able to leverage with this agreement.

Solutions Include CIELO Cinema, CIELO Command and CIELO Ad Reporting.