Picturedrome Cinemas to Optimize Operations with CIELO and Bell Theatre Services

Courtesy of CIELO

Picturedrome Cinemas, an independent cinema chain boasting 19 screens across 7 cinemas in the southern region of England, will implement CIELO’s tools, thanks to Bell Theatre Services (BTS). CIELO and BTS have reached an agreement to start CIELO Cinema Enterprise Trial. This collaboration seeks to improve the cinema experience for patrons and ensure seamless daily operations. CIELO’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify, optimize, and boost cinema management, preventing issues before they escalate and turn into show stops.

“We are delighted to have Picturedrome on board and to install CIELO for a 12-month trial on all their screens. We’ve been providing reactive maintenance for their cinemas for several years. With CIELO, we are shifting to a more proactive approach, which promises to enhance the overall performance of cinema equipment and keep the shows running smoothly,” said Paul Oliver, the director of operations at BTS. 

“We have built a very strong partnership with Bell Theatre Services that has allowed us to jointly provide the right solutions for its exhibitors. We are very excited to have Picturedrome join the CIELO ecosystem and to continue to support Bell Theatre with this customer”, said Rafael Garzon, the vice president of customer growth at CIELO Enterprise Solutions.

Courtesy of CIELO

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